DJI Inspire 2 is coming!?


As of day you can buy a Inspire 1 v2.0 with 32% discount. The price drop may be a response to the launch of the Typhoon H from competitor Yuneec. But it is also speculated that an INSPIRE 2 is going to be released in the near future.

With to the price reduction a Inspire 1 V 2.0 can now be ordered for € 2,299. The Inspire Pro 1 has fallen in price also, these costs via the webshop DJI are now € 4,399, representing a discount of 12%. The Inspire 1 is currently the top model quadcopter DJI, which has a retractable landing gear and a 4K camera that can rotate 360º.

Could be DJI gears up for the introduction of the Inspire 2. According to a usually well-established source the Inspire 2 might have technology that can also be found in the Phantom 4. That would indicate that the Inspire 2 is equipped with obstacle detection and advanced image recognition for automatic tracking of persons or objects.

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2 thoughts on “DJI Inspire 2 is coming!?

    1. Garrie

      The document is a photoshopped document. It isn’t real. So far there has been no concrete evidence that the I2 will be out anytime soon. I guess we just have to wait. Maybe they will announce it after iPhone 7, so that they can sell it in the stores as well.


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