Fresh deployed vCenter 6.7U1 missing vSAN options in HTML5

Today I was deploying a new vCenter 6.7U1 environment with vSAN.
This was containing 2 vCenters linked with embedded PSC. The whole deployment was one out of the books but somehow on the first vCenter, I was missing the h5 plugin for vSAN and was unable to set it up via h5. Logging in via the second vCenter or Flex client all vSAN functionality was available.
Just the first vCenter was being a virtual #ass…

Checking the plugins:

So, on both of the vCenters, I checked the enabled plugins and saw that I was missing the plugin for vSAN h5. Normally it should look like below but the first vCenter was missing it.

Checking plugins via MOB:

First I checked if the plugin was available at all via the Managed Object Types and that looked all good. No reason why the vSAN plugin should not be working out of the box… as it should…
To check this got to https://yourVMCA.lan/mob and go to content.

Then go to the Extension manager

And find it via the string: com.vmware.vsphere.client.h5vsan 

As you see the plugin is available but why are my vSAN config options not showing on when logged in via my first vCenter? Logged in with WinSCP on the first vCenter and went to:

This is the location for installed plugins and saw that I was missing the com.vmware.vsphere.client.h5vsan- directory and it’s contents… although the mob told me it was available… After this observation, I logged in with winSCP on my working vCenter and copied the com.vmware.vsphere.client.h5vsan- directory and it’s contents from there to my vCenter where it was missing.

After a reboot of my first vCenter the vSAN h5 options all showed up and the plugin was active! Unsure why an out of the box installation was missing this but now it’s fixed.

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