Net-Firing DroneZooka Can Take Down a Drone Without Destroying It

Behold SkyWall100, the latest in a string of new tools to neutralize problematic drones. This shoulder-mounted cannon can capture a drone with a net—and then land it safely with a parachute.


Drones are becoming a serious headache and security risk, leading to all sorts of potential solutions, from eagles being trained to catch drones in midair to drones that can catch other drones by firing a net at it. The latest advance from British firm OpenWorks Engineering takes the idea of netted capture further by offering a personal device that can physically capture a quadcopter and control its descent to the ground.

The cannon’s “Laser-Equipped Smartscope” and onboard computer calculates the launch vector and muzzle speed required to intercept a drone up to a range of 32 feet (10 meters).


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