Parrot Introduces the Flying Saucer Drone

For decades humans have witenessed UFOS all around the world. Parrot engineers have successfully tested flight with the mythic and legendary “flying saucer” shape.
“It turned out that manufacturing the saucer with a mix of ultra-light ionized aluminium, used in aerospace industries, and carbon-fiber gave it a good stability at altitude over 100 m. This allowed us to bring a robust downward facing camera, making the Parrot Flying Saucer a good option for aerial shots and videos. We can’t wait to show you more of its flight abilities.”
The Parrot Flying Saucer will be powered by Lithium-ion 3500 mAh batteries, as slim as the ones used in all smartphones. The round shape means a lot of self-balancing actions done by the autopilot, around 200 times per second. This was achieved thanks to brand new gyros and inertial measurement units and a robust autopilot software.
Hand gesture control allows fine piloting at close range.
Parrot Flying Saucer Coming this December.

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