The end of the vDrone blog is near, 2024

Hi All,

As of next year, on January 14th, I will decommission this blog and content. Almost making it 10 years of time and effort I have put into this website sharing my experiences. The fun of tweaking the crap out of WordPress makes this site pretty darn quick and is enjoyable but challenging since WordPress is a solid but sometimes quirky system. Also, I have never run any ads on this website. Always wanted to keep it clean and fast and ads slow websites down big time. I wasn’t in the website game to earn on it, just sharing knowledge.

It has been a pleasure serving my ramblings to all of you since May 2014 but currently, the costs of hosting do not outweigh the work I put into this and my overall motivation in blogging has decreased making it more a chore than a thing I like to do anymore. Thanks for your views and comments! I did enjoy the past 10 years working on this.

Some stats:

Since 2014 my blog has served over a million unique views. 523 blogs/posts have been written and 429 comments have been made. 2020 was the best year in the views.

On the other side of the WordPress coin. 271.2K blocked logins on the admin page and 103.4K spam messages were tried to sneak into the comments of my blogs. Yes, you all failed 🙂

For nostalgics, The Wayback Machine of this site. fun to see how it evolved into what it is today.
On request, I have made an online static backup on where no new content will be added but the current content will stay online.

TV gif. White script scrolls across the red ringed Looney Tunes closing credit background. Text, "That's all folks!"

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