Unofficial DJI Vision App for Epson Moverio BT-200 (Fixed 2 bugs!)

Good news for the moverio flyers!
PhantomPilots user CloudsNeverDie fixed 2 bugs in the vision app where DJI failed to fixed them since july 2014…
Matthew, You the man!

See phantompilots for more info

Here is an unofficial version of the DJI Vision app, based on ilovecoffee’s mod of the same app, which includes the following bug fixes and improvements specifically for BT-200 users:

  • Fixed the “video offset” bug (see Here). The video now fills the entire width of the screen still leaving space for the toolbar on the right edge.
  • Fixed a small bug in the Ground Station code that prevented it from opening. You can now swipe left in the camera view to see the Ground Station (after you have first enabled it in the Settings page of course).

Current version: v1.1 (20150312), based on v11 of ilovecoffee’s mod, which in turn is based on DJI Vision App 1.0.54.

The APK can be downloaded using this link. Side-load in the usual way. Enjoy!

Download V1.2 here


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