Use Epson Moverio BT-200 Glasses with DJI Pilot for Inspire 1

Using a HDMI sinkhole device is an option but there is another way to get the Moverio BT-200 working with a Inspire 1.
See the guide below!

Would be nice if Epson would make it possible to use USB of Moverio to connect to the Inspire 1 remote to access the video stream..

This solution uses WiFi Direct and supports devices running ROMs based on Android KitKat and above. WiFi Direct is not supported on Apple iOS, therefore this solution is not applicable to Apple devices.

● Turn on Moverio Glasses using the Moverio hand controller
● Turn on Android device and open Settings app
● Find option to Cast / Mirror Screen ○ On devices running CyanogenMod’s ROM – it’s in Display, and is called Cast Screen ○ On devices running Samsung’s ROM – it’s in Connections, and is called Screen Mirroring
● In the Settings app on your tablet, you may need to enable WiFi Direct. This will normally be located in a sub menu inside your WiFi settings.
● Put the Moverio Glasses on, and open the Moverio Mirror app. ○ This app should be on the home screen of your tablet by default. ○ Note that if Lock Keys is on, flick the same switch that you use to turn on the device – there are two switch points, and the push and hold point for shutting down / starting up the Glasses ○ Using the Glasses and their hand controller, select ‘Start WiFi Direct operation’
● In the Cast / Mirror screen on your tablet – select the EPSON_BT200 device to initiate connection
● On the Moverio Glasses, accept the WiFi Direct setup request
● Wait for the devices to connect – they can take up to one minute to connect
● You should now see the same image in your Moverio Glasses as what you see on your tablet
● On your tablet, open the DJI Pilot app
● Continue your preflight procedures as per normal I hope that this solution assists pilots with using the Moverio glasses with an Android tablet to be able to see the DJI Pilot app through the Glasses, while watching your aircraft.
Source for guide see this PDF

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