VMware Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen

Just a week ago VMware pushed a big update to the VMware Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen. Below is what has been added to this service and what VMware Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen really is! I’m really looking forward to the work that has been done on App Volumes in this release!

What is VMware Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen?

The next-generation cloud architecture for Horizon Cloud is VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ – next-gen. This next generation of Horizon Cloud provides a pod-less deployment architecture.

Horizon Cloud delivers a cloud-first, multi-cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) with Thin Edge Infrastructure. Horizon Cloud provides a global view of your desktops and applications that spans across the on-premises and the cloud environments. Regardless of which environment you collect the source data, Horizon Cloud provides a consistent way to manage and monitor your desktop and your application deployments.

The Horizon Cloud infrastructure components, such as the connection servers, applications volumes manager, pod managers, and databases are removed from the user environment to the control plane. This is a big save on your local data center requirements of running VM to host VMware Horizon.

Architectural design of VMware Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen, including the VMware Horizon control plane, the Horizon site, and your organization.

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August 2022 What’s New?!

Horizon Edge

  • A single Horizon Edge now supports 20,000 user sessions when using multiple providers

  • During deployment of a Horizon Edge in Microsoft Azure an administrator can now select the VNets that should be available to use during Pool template creation

  • Administrators can use the Horizon Universal Console to connect their Horizon 8 pods to the next-gen Horizon Control Plane by deploying the Horizon Edge gateway


Horizon Plus Subscription License

  • Customers who have a Horizon Standard Plus or Horizon Enterprise Plus Subscription license can choose the location in which they want to store their metadata while onboarding to the service.

Horizon Universal Subscription License

  • Customers who have a Horizon Universal Subscription license can choose to onboard to the Next-Gen Horizon Control Plane, which currently supports Microsoft Azure as a capacity provider, or the Horizon Control Plane, which supports Horizon pods on VMware SDDC.
  • Customers who have a Horizon Universal Subscription license are entitled to Workspace ONE Intelligence for dashboard and report features and are automatically onboarded to Workspace ONE Intelligence. Administrators can access the dashboard & report features by logging into their Workspace ONE console.

Integration with Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub, which provides admins with a single portal that allows for single sign-on into all VMware EUC services

Horizon Gateway Appliances

Unified Access Gateway

  • A Horizon Edge deployed in Microsoft Azure now supports an Internal-only Unified Access Gateway configuration type.

Horizon Edge Gateway

  • A Horizon Edge deployed in Microsoft Azure will now use the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to host the Horizon Edge Gateway which provides high availability

Desktops and Applications

Pool Templates

  • Pool Template VMs that enters a stopped state due to a guest OS shutdown from within the VM will now be moved to a stopped (deallocated) state automatically


  • A single user can now be assigned to multiple desktops in a dedicated pool

App Volumes – Simplified App Management

  • New and improved app packaging service.
  • Same App Volumes package format; reuse existing app packages
  • Application Inventory to organize and catalog app packages
  • Stages and markers for application lifecycle management
  • Direct app entitlement for easy assignment to users and groups
  • Support for Windows 10 multi-session – Unique app delivery for each user session
  • Enhanced Edge File Share support for scalability and performance


  • For customers with Horizon Plus subscription license, administrators can configure the Horizon Edge Gateway to capture and store Horizon health data in a Splunk database instance.

  • Horizon Availability Monitoring is now available and provides administrators with continuous automated client testing, which proactively monitors the ability of end users to access their resources

Role-Based Access Control

  • Support for additional predefined roles that can be assigned to administrator users and groups.

    Roles Area of Permissions
    Administrator Access to entire UI and API.
    Read-Only Administrator Read-only access to UI and API
    Pool Template Administrator Pool Templates and VMs
    Deployment Administrator Horizon Edges, Unified Access Gateways, Providers
    Pool Administrator Pools
    Entitlement Administrator Entitlements
    Image Administrator Images

Help Desk

  • Administrators can now review a segmented breakdown of a given user session logon in the help desk

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