DJI Vision+ 7th channel feature

Unfortunately you can only tilt the vision camera via the app by default.
This can be frustrating because you do not want to release 1 hand of the controls while flying to tilt the camera.
i had this problem a few times during filming and once almost crashed…

Now the dutch company, DRONExpert has a solution for that.

This is the DJI Vision+ 7th channel feature
With this hardware upgrade you get full 7th channel gimbal movement!
My order is coming out today and i will review this upgrade later on!

With this new feature you will be able to use the 7th channel feature on the new DJI Phantom2 Vision+.

What can i do with this:

When flying with the stock 7th channel you need to lift one of your hand from the control sticks of the DJI controller. This way you’re not able to make a nice ‘flyby’ and use the tilt at the same time (cause you need 2 hands to control the Vision+).
With this 7th channel feature you will able to fly the Vision+ and control the tilt in the same time, this way you are able to make fantastic footage.

This set is complete and comes with:

> 7th channel slider/lever
> Y cable
> flat connector cable
> 7th channel enabler
> manual

Price complete: €95.-


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