NVIDIA GRID Could not initialize plugin ‘/usr/lib64/vmware/plugin/libnvidia-vgx.so’ for vGPU “profile_name”

If you are using the NVIDIA P4/P6/P40 GPU graphic card based on the Pascal architecture you need to disable the “ECC Memory” otherwise your VMs will not power on and you will be left with the error:

Could not initialize plugin ‘/usr/lib64/vmware/plugin/libnvidia-vgx.so’ for vGPU “profile_name

GPUs based on the Pascal GPU architecture are supplied with ECC memory enabled by default.

However, NVIDIA vGPU does not support ECC memory. If ECC memory is enabled, NVIDIA vGPU fails to start. Therefore, you must ensure that ECC memory is disabled on all GPUs if you are using NVIDIA vGPU.

How to disable ECC

Put your host in maintenance mode.
Start an SSH session to your ESX host and apply the following commands:

/etc/init.d/xorg stop
nv-hostengine -t
nv-hostengine -d
/etc/init.d/xorg start
nvidia-smi -e 0

After the reboot check with the command “nvidia-smi -q” if the Ecc Mode is disabled.
Your VM should now be able to power on and use the assigned vGPU.

For detailed information: https://docs.nvidia.com/grid/latest/grid-software-quick-start-guide/index.html#disabling-ecc-memory

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