Drones on the IFA

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2015-09-05 15.53.58

A quick foto recap of drones on the IFA 2015 in berlin.
All mayor drone companies like DJI, Parrot, Yuneec and Xiro had a stand. Surprisingly Polaroid had a few drones.


DJI had it’s default stand with the phantom 3’s, Inspire 1, Matrice 100 and a S1000 on display.

2015-09-04 10.46.33

2015-09-04 10.39.33

2015-09-04 10.38.49

2015-09-04 10.37.41


I was unaware of polaroid producing drones.
They had a few models on stand:
Drone Black Bird HD
Drone Falcon HD with display in remote controller
Drone Eagle HD

2015-09-04 12.12.05

2015-09-04 12.11.55

2015-09-04 12.11.47


Xiro’s explorer was the main focus in it’s stand.
Also they had a S1000 look a like, was not tagged so it’s a mistery model!

2015-09-04 10.53.17

2015-09-04 10.50.34

2015-09-04 10.52.39


Yuneec had it’s Typhoon and Tornado drones on stand.
Like DJI they came with a handheld gimbal solution so you can use the camera’s as a film camera too.

2015-09-04 10.32.50

2015-09-04 10.33.24

2015-09-04 10.33.21

2015-09-04 10.57.15


Had a demo with the BeBops flying in sync.
Pretty nifty programming 🙂

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