Phantom Knowledge Step-By-Step Training for DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter (Blu-ray)

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Stay Safe With Inspire 1 Lessons
Training for the Inspire 1 is available on Blu-ray and DVD formats. It is also available here by becoming a member. The disc versions include three lessons (106 minutes). The lessons are the same lessons found here with the online membership. The benefit of membership is having access to new videos when they periodically become available. I plan to interview professionals from a variety of fields regarding UAVs. Some examples are: pilots, lawyers, hotshot flyers, hobby shop owners, authors and others that have important things to say about the industry. I will also continue to produce shorter training videos on specific issues and needs. The online membership also includes a private forum.

Inspire 1 Lessons

Lesson 1 – Setup and Installation (23 minutes)
Overview and Setup
Camera Familiarity
Controller & Mobile Devices
Camera Installation
Firmware Updates

Lesson 2 – Pilot App Software (43 minutes)
Pilot App Overview
Main Controller Settings
Aircraft Status
Remote Control Settings
Link Second Controller
Set Slave Controller
RC Calibrate Sticks
Map Features
Gimbal Modes
Flight Modes

Lesson 3 – First Flight (40 minutes)
Install the Propellers
Flight Simulator
Course Lock
Pre-flight Check
Assemble Inspire
First Flight Demonstration
Second Flight – Course Lock
Third Flight – Flight Modes

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