Passed 3 Exams in 2 weeks, Now VMware Certified Master Specialist – Digital Workspace 2020

Well, this was fun! The last exam I did was the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobility Design last year and it was time to do some new one! Also, these exams are required for the 2020 Master Services Competency Digital Workspace.Β At least one person must hold these certifications to obtain or keep a current MSC. Still, We need to keep that MSC alive!

Had some arguments with the cert-ops of VMware cause there is a path to run this with a valid VCP but that counts only if it’s a 2020 and not 2019… That being said I needed to do the DW-2020 anyways. In the end, I studied the crap out of it and took all 3 exams in 2 weeks πŸ™‚ Normally one would take the DW-2020 first and then the specialist’s exams but I did it the other way around.

The following certifications are required for the attainment of the Master Services Competency Digital Workspace. As you can see, one person must obtain both specialist exams and DW-2020.

Digital Workspace Track: Minimum # of MS-DW
Digital Workspace Track: Total VCP-DW
Desktop and App Track: Minimum # of VCAP-DTM
Desktop and App Track: Total VCP-DTM
Total number of unique certified individuals from both DW and DTM Track
Customer Validation
Customer References

VMware Specialist – Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management 2020

This exam has a lot of focus on integration stuff with certificate authentication, SAML, Kerberos.
And be sure to know the log file locations πŸ™‚ Location, location, location!

VMware Specialist – Workspace ONE Advanced Integration and Design 2020

On this exam, Study on SCCM/Airlift, Okta, Ping integrations. A lot of questions on those subjects. For the design part, there is one scenario written out in the exam and on that you get 8 ish questions with design choices.

VMware Certified Professional – Digital Workspace 2020 (VCP-DW 2020)

I had some bad luck with this exam in the past. Even today when I took it the exam froze up. I had to relocate to another exam pc and try again. Eventually found out that 2 questions in the exam are causing this issue. These 2 are not loading at all. Well, they load but in a minimized state and when trying to resize it, it will crash on you! So be aware. I just skipped these 2 questions taking the loss in points…

VMware Certified Master Specialist – Digital Workspace 2020

Passing all 3 exams ends you up with the VMware Certified Master Specialist – Digital Workspace 2020 badge!

2 thoughts on “Passed 3 Exams in 2 weeks, Now VMware Certified Master Specialist – Digital Workspace 2020

  1. RJett

    Congrats, lot of hard work im sure. people like yourself that build home test labs, and learn, and on job then take it to the next level by getting certified, are an inspiration to many of us. Been using VMware for a while at work finally upgrading at work, and now building my home lab to focus on certifications. Found your site from vhojan, and its these posts that make one want to push, even after work, and live and bills take its toll on ones self, I at least draw inspiration from techs like you.
    Thank you for the post, look forward to reading more of your cool stuff.

  2. Francisco

    Congrats. I’m planning to take the 3 exams very soon. Do you recommend me any unofficial study guide?


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